Economic Security

Your paycheck should stay in your wallet.

People need quality jobs and equal pay for equal work to support their families.

I support a competitive business environment, balanced trade, liability reform, net-neutrality, and smart investments in our district.


National Security


War votes do not make you safer.  I am tired of wars.

​​​​​​​Rep Lynch voted YES for war in Iraq and NO on leaving Afghanistan.

Our kids deserve their prom instead of boot camp.

You pay for the most expensive military in the world. You should live without fear.

I will buy missile defense systems for our cities instead of voting for overseas wars.  Our nuclear codes need to be under the control of two people. The President should not have absolute authority.




Public schools deserve the same freedom to teach as charter schools.  

It is time to rethink high-stakes testing because kids shine in many ways.

I trust our teachers. My father-in-law taught in the Randolph public schools for decades. 




Seniors earned their Golden Years.

Cutting benefits for seniors is like forgetting a promise.

I intend to protect seniors by fighting Medicare and Social Security fraud. I will also push to buy medications on the open market from places like Canada to save money. We need to integrate business, insurance, and Seniors into a healthy tommorrow.


Logan Airport Noise


The FAA needs to listen to communities about noise levels.

As an airline pilot, I fly to many airports in Europe with far better noise procedures than Logan. Communities need a voice in the process and airlines need to use quiet equipment and procedures.

It is time to expand the airports outside of Boston. Many major cities use low-cost airports for overflow.

I bring decades of experience to this problem.




I understand many graduates are drowning in debt from paying for school

I want small business employer tax credits in exchange for helping with one year of loan payments. 


Second Amendment and Safety


Everyone has the right of self-defense. No one has the right to an assault weapon.

I support the 2nd Amendment and people who follow our laws. My focus is on fixing our background system which fails every common sense test. Some people should never get a gun purchase approved.

 I will vote against assault weapons and high capacity magazines. They only belong with law enforcement.




I will treat everyone in our district equally.

Every person deserves respect. Kindness is important.